We Provide Custom Solutions!

Our Company - What do we do?

Geophysical Innovation and Services Inc. (Geo Innovations) is a technological and operational company providing and operating airborne platforms and geophysical equipment to help airborne geophysics survey companies to serve their clients.

Geo Innovations has the operational and financial capabilities to support survey companies by providing them the most suitable platforms in the most convenient operational and financial way.

Geo Innovations provides platforms and equipment, either to be operated by the clients or operated by our personnel. Our staff includes skilled pilots and operators, as well as maintenance services.

Geo Innovations is able to deliver and operate the platforms and equipment everywhere in the world, and with different business models, to fit our varying customer's needs.

Our main facility headquarters in Brantford, ON Canada includes hangar and installations to accommodate and maintain all equipment, as well as logistical and operational basis to serve our clients in South America, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Australia.

Our clients are airborne survey companies that do not have platforms or equipment owned or need additional equipment to deliver projects over their standard capacity.

We pride ourselves in providing services to our clients in the best quality/price ratio and build customer oriented solutions to match specific clients requirements due to technical or financial conditions. Even more, we keep safety as a main driver for our operations, while being efficient.